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Pat Jobson Prize

Open to BAAP members only. 

The Pat Jobson Prize (currently for the amount of £250) was established in 1989 and is awarded annually for a project that promotes either the science or the services of Audiovestibular Medicine. It is open to members of BAAP who are Specialist Registrars or Consultants within 5 years of their first appointment in the specialty of Audiovestibular Medicine. The first recipient in 1989 was Dr Deirdre Lucas. 

 Recent winners

 2018  Dr   Shailaja Kottapalli
 2017  Dr  Chrysa Spyridakou
 2016  Dr  Soumit DasGupta
 2015  Dr  Shankar Rangan
 2014  Dr  Vasuky Sriskandarajah
 2013  Dr  Veronica Kennedy 
 2012  Dr  Louisa Murdin 
 2010  Dr  Colm Madden
 2009  Dr  Charlotte Agrup
 2007  Dr  Simone  Walter
 2006  Dr  Ian  Colvin
 2005  Dr  Sebastian  Hendricks
 2004  Dr  Waheeda  Pagarkar
 2002  Dr  Doris-Eva  Bamiou

The full Prize Rules and and how to apply can be found HERE

Hallpike Prize

Open to all

The Hallpike prize was established in 2009, following a kind donation by Dr Jeremy Hallpike, Emeritus Neurologist from Adelaide, Australia, in honour of his father Charles Skinner Hallpike.The prize is awarded annually for the best project of the past 24 month period (research, audit or review of subject) in the area of audiovestibular medicine.

The first winner was Miss Emma Stapleton, ENT Registrar from Sheffield, for her studies carried out in Nepal on the effects of altitude-induced hypoxia and increased intra-cochlear fluid pressure on the healthy human inner ear.

2010: Mr Quadeer Arshad, a clinical scientist at the Academic Department of Neuro-Otology, Imperial College London, for his research on "An objective test of otolith function using the ocular counter-roll afterimage device".

2011: Dr Peter West, Consultant Audiovestibular Physician at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth, for his research entitled "A comparison of the techniques available for identifying peripheral vestibular nystagmus".

2012: Mr Mahmood Bhutta for his work on an animal model of otitis media with effusion.  

2013:  Dr Mitesh Patel, PhD, for his work on Locomotor adaptation in Meniere's disease and vestibular neuritis patients.

2014: Dr Diego Kaski. "An internal clock in the temporo-parietal junction for self-motion perception". 

2015: Dr. Hena Ahmad MRCP, Clinical Research Fellow at the Division of Neurosciences, Imperial College, for her work on reduced visual cortical excitability in patients with bilateral peripheral vestibular failure.

2016: Not awarded.

2017: Dr Nehzat Koohi for her research on "Hearing Evaluation and Auditory Rehabilitation after Stroke".

For More details and an application form - CLICK HERE

James Lind Alliance

Tinnitus research priorities:

The final top 10 priorities in tinnitus research agreed at the James Lind alliance meetings (2012) may be found here.

Research projects are more likely to get funding if they are aligned to one of these.

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